Task 1 (Graph) - The graphs below show four categories of citrus fruits and the top three countries to which these were imported (in thousand tonnes) in 2012. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.


The bar charts given below provide comparison regarding the quantity of  export of four different types of citrus fruits and their top three importers in 2012.

Overall, while South Africa was the largest importer of oranges, Turkey ranked first in the case of grapefruit imports. Mexico was the prime importer of lemons and other citrus fruits. United States was the only country which had the import of all four types of citrus fruits.

The quantity of  export of oranges was higher than the other citrus fruit categories and its largest importer was South Africa with over 1,000,000 tonnes and this rate was more than double the import quantity of oranges in Egypt. The export of oranges to United States was only around 400,000 tonnes. In 2012, a considerable amount of grapefruit was exported to Turkey at 400,000 tonnes, followed by United States and Mexico with 300,000 tonnes and 200,000 tonnes of grapefruit imports respectively.

Mexico was the main buyer of lemons and other citrus fruits with an import rate of 500,000 tonnes each. The amount of lemons exported to United States was 200,000 tonnes, whereas it was only half the amount in Argentina. In the case of other citrus fruits, Egypt and United States showed an equal and inconsiderable import rate which was well under 100,000 tonnes.