Task 1 (Graph) - The graph below shows the sales of children’s books, adult fiction and educational books between 2002 and 2006 in one country.

The line graph displays the changes in the sales of three types of books between 2002 and 2006 in a country.

Overall, it is evident from the graph that the sales of children’s  and educational books showed and upward trend and that of the adult fiction showed a decline over the given period of time. A significant growth was seen in the case of children’s books sale.

The sale of children’s books in 2002 was lower than that of adult fiction and it accounted for approximately 33 million dollars. Thereafter it showcased a moderate growth till 2003 and reached over 40 million dollars and further improved to reach nearly 45 million dollars in 2005. After 2006, there was an exponential rise in the sales of children’s books and it touched about 55 million dollars in 2006 and overtook the sales of the other categories of books. Likewise, the sales of educational books which accounted for the lowest sales in 2002 rose slowly from close to 25 million dollars to just above 30 million in 2003 and went down to its initial figure in 2005 before rising  to about 32 million dollars in 2006.

In contrary, the adult fiction book sales which was the highest in 2002(approximately 45 million dollars) dropped to below 40 million dollars. Though its sales slightly rose to 40 million dollars, it further fell and touched 30 million dollars by the end of the period.