Task 1 (Graph) - The graph below shows four methods of dealing with waste in four countries. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.


The bar chart compares the percentage of waste disposed using various methods in Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Overall, most of the waste in UK, Italy and Spain were landfilled, but Netherlands recycled a large proportion of their waste.

The proportion of waste landfilled in the UK was significantly higher than that of Italy and Spain. Almost 65% of waste was landfilled in the UK,  whereas the proportion of waste discarded using the same method was equal in Italy and Spain at 40%. Landfill was the least favoured method of waste disposal in Netherlands and  only around 8% of their waste was landfilled. The percentage of waste burnt in Netherlands was 10%, but in Spain this rate was triple. Around 22% of waste was burnt in Italy as opposed to a mere 4% in the UK. An almost equal proportion of waste was used as chemicals in Italy, Spain and the UK which was around 18%, which showed only a slight difference in Netherlands and was low by around 3%.

Most popular method of dealing with waste was recycling in Netherlands and it recycled about 68% of its waste. While 20% of waste was recycled in Italy, it was nearly 14%  in the UK  and approximately 11% in Spain.