Task 1 (Letter) - Your local council is closing the children's playground in your locality as not many children visit the park. Write a letter to the council requesting not to close it. In your letter say

·         How important is the play ground for children?

·         Why don't children go to the playground?

·         What can be done to bring children back to the park?


Dear Sir,

I am Alex, a resident of Cox Town, Bangalore. I am writing in connection with the decision of the council to close the playground and also to request you to reconsider the same.

The playground in our area is the only leisure facility available and most of the children gather in the evenings for playing various games. However, since the past two months, most of the parents are hesitating to send their children to the playground in the evening because of some concerns.

Firstly, the playground is not well lit and it is extremely difficult for children to play after 6.30pm and some residents have also started discarding waste in the corner end of the ground which has resulted in a stench. Besides, an incident of a child being attacked by stray dogs a few weeks ago in the playground has also added onto the fear

Rather than closing the playground, I believe the council should undertake some measures to put an end to these problems by employing a security guard and repairing the faulty lights. Because of the fear of being caught, residents would stop dumping the waste and the presence of an adult would drive away the stray dogs and the children can safely play in the ground.

Looking forward to a positive response.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Thomas