Task 1 (Letter) - A friend of yours is visiting your region and has asked you some help to arrange accommodation. Write to him / her. In your letter

-        Give details of the accommodation

-        What you think he should bring with him

-        Sightseeing places he could visit


Dear Paul,

I was really happy on receiving your letter yesterday and pleased to know that you’d be visiting my hometown next week.

Since I’m staying in a hostel, it is difficult for me to accommodate you with me. So  I have arranged a service apartment for a week so that you can have a pleasant stay.

As the summer has already set in and the temperatures are soaring, wearing any heavy fabric like jeans can make you uncomfortable.  So don't forget to carry some cotton dresses.

You can do a lot of activities on your visit. On the first day of your stay in Bangalore, you can start the day with a walk in the Cubbon Park which is a 300 acre park in the heart of the city. You can also visit other places like Lalbagh, Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore Palace and you can spend your evenings for shopping. Most importantly, as I wish to spend some time with you, I have planned for a Bike ride to Nandi hills on the last day of your stay and I'm sure that it would be a thrilling experience for you.

Eagerly waiting for your arrival.

With love,