Task 1 (Graph) - The chart shows the information relating to people within 15-minute drive service in a particular region in UK. It also compares the people living in urban areas and people living in rural areas. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information given below.

The bar chart compares the percentage of people in urban areas and rural areas that could access various services within 15 minute drive in a specific region in the UK.

Overall, all the services are accessible to urban dwellers within a quarter of an hour, whereas only the services of a doctor and secondary school are available to all the people of rural area within 15 minute drive.

All the residents of urban areas and rural areas have access to the service of a medical practitioner in a drive of fifteen minutes. Likewise, secondary school is within a 15 minute drive and is accessible to 100% of the population of both urban and rural area.

In contrast, while postal services are available in a drive of 15 minutes for all city residents, it is reachable within the same time for 95% of the rural population and the remaining population need to drive longer than 15 minutes to access this facility. The primary school is in proximity of 15 minute drive to 100% of urban people, but only about 65% of ruralites can avail this service in the same time frame.


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