IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 40 - Some people believe that children should not be given homework every day, while others believe that they must get homework every day in order to be successful at school. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Schools are adopting various techniques these days in order to meet with the various challenges in the education system. Giving homework is one such  method popular in schooling which in the opinion of some is to be avoided while others consider it a necessity to be fruitful at school. In my perspective, homework aids in providing better understanding to a child, however, the amount given should be limited.

On the one hand, homework can add on to the stress of a child. The academic curriculum in schools is set in such a manner to prepare a child to meet the complexities of the world which has not only  resulted in difficult curriculum but also longer school hours. In addition to this, if children are given homework every day, it would build up more pressure  in them. This is because they would have to spend their time at home  in completing the given homework and would be left with little time for their extracurricular activities which are essential to relieve one's stress. In the absence of the same, children would feel more burdened which can adversely affect their academic performance. 

On the other hand,  there is a group of people who consider homework as an essential tool to be successful in education. Even though the expertise employed in schools deliver education using various methodologies, children can get a better clarity regarding different  subjects only through in-depth study or practice. This can become possible only by providing children with ample test practices in the form of homework which helps  children to gain thorough knowledge of the subject and it would help them get a stronger foundation in their academics.

In my opinion, education can become complete with the delivery of effective lectures along with regular practice which can be made realistic only through homework. However, care should be taken by the school management to ensure that the students are not stressed by the amount of homework given.

In conclusion, school education is a crucial element for the success of a person. Although people have various opinions regarding the need for provision of homework, I believe a limited amount of homework is a must to ensure better academic growth in a child, but care should be taken to ensure that the students are not overburdened.