IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 35 - In many countries a high proportion of criminal acts are convicted by teenagers. Why has this happened? What can be done to deal with this?

Crime rates in society have tremendously increased compared to the past. It is also to be noted that a significant contribution to this is mainly by adolescents. They are involving in such activity due to certain reasons, but with the adaption of certain measures, this situation can be curtailed.

Teenage is the period of experimentation and in the absence of guidance and monitoring they can go extremes. Children these days are often left under little care in most of the families as both parents choose to work in order to make ends meet. In such circumstances, children usually pass time with friends and on social media which can have a great influence on their character. If the imprints from these sources are of a negative context, the chances of committing crimes are high as they are immature to differentiate between right and wrong and also because of the aggression they face due to lack of care. Thus, lack of parental care and supervision can be stated as one of the prime reasons for criminal incidences in teenagers. Another factor leading to this phenomenon is the urge for money. Young people have unrealistic desires these days and when the parents fail to meet such demand of theirs, they may start engaging in petty crimes to meet their financial needs. This can eventually pave way for the commitment of heinous crimes in a desire driven world.

Parents have the supreme role in a child’s life till they reach adulthood. All the problems associated with them until they reach this phase can be effectively dealt by parents. However, parents are unaware about the significance of their role in children’s life. So the first step to be taken is to create an awareness regarding the same. This insight would help them to actively engage in parenthood thereby enabling them to provide better care and attention to their children which can eliminate any chances for committing of crimes. Provision of weekly allowance to children to meet their needs can also aid in avoiding troublesome behavior, which if neglected can lead to crimes. In addition, if any such act is in notice, they should be tackled with timely counseling and corrective measures.

In conclusion, teenagers engage in crimes due to many reasons. Nevertheless, with the adequate attention and care from parents such problems can be controlled to a large extent.