IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 6 - The only way to solve the increasing crime rate of young offenders is to teach parents better parenting skills. To what extent do you agree?

The rate of crimes among children is increasing at a rapid rate today. It is believed that this growing rate of juvenile offenders can only be curtailed through imparting better parenting skills. I disagree with this statement as I believe that many other measures can also be taken for reducing the crime in children apart from equipping parents with parental skills.

Parents these days often find it challenging to strike a balance between work and family and in such a scenario the children in such families are left with little care. This inadequate care often persuades children to adapt other measures which can help them to seek pleasure and attention leading to the commitment of crimes. In such situations, providing parenting skills is one of the ways to create awareness in parents about the steps that can be taken towards ensuring better attention and care to children which are essential for the healthy character development of a child. Nurture of children in such a manner can not only strengthen the bonding between the parents and children, but also can help them to ensure good character in children by suppressing the criminal tendencies.

However, there are many other factors responsible to avert the criminal nature of children and one such factor is school. Most often children spend a large share of their time at school and this is also a platform where their character gets easily influenced from external factors such as their peer groups. It is to be noticed that bad character of children often take root from bad friendships. This is the reason why the schools today intensively train their teachers to monitor and ensure a healthy character formation in pupils apart from delivering quality education. Through conscientious monitoring of pupils in schools, the teachers can scrutinize children with criminal tendencies and provide them with timely counseling sessions to ward off such nature in children.

To conclude, many factors influence the character formation in children. Though there is a thought that the rate of increasing crime in young children can only be prevented by providing parental training, I believe that it is only one among the numerous factors available for deterring criminal nature and developing a good character in children.


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