IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 36 - Some people are wasting food which they buy from shops and restaurants. Why is this so? What are the solutions?

The appetital preference and tastes of people have changed a lot in the recent days. It is noticed that the wastage of food globally has increased significantly. People are wasting food due to numerous reasons and a lot of measures can be taken to overcome this problem.

One of the prominent reasons contributing to food wastage is over- ordering of food by people in restaurants. Unlike the past, people today have better purchasing power and are desirous of tasting different cuisines. With such a thought and easy availability of dishes, a lot of food is purchased.  As a result of this a large amount of food is wasted since the people buy more than what they can normally eat. Besides, it is also a practice in some restaurants to offer food in large quanties to its customer which adds on to the wastage. Another factor leading to this phenomenon is improper storage of food products. The offers provided in shops often persuade a person to purchase food products in large quantities. However, it may not be stored appropriately and the food becomes stale and would no longer be fit for consumption subsequently leading to its wastage.

This situation would only worsen if adequate measures are not taken. Imposing duties on customers in restaurants can be one such initiative to tackle this problem. The customers should be made to pay for the leftovers and this would pull them back from over- ordering and in turn reduce wastage. Germany has set an example by adopting such a move wherein the customers would be penalized for wasting food. Apart from this, awareness should be created among people regarding over stocking and inappropriate storage of goods. A significant amount of food can be saved from spoilage through proper storage and thereby reduce food waste.

To conclude, the realities of food waste have become more evident in the recent days. Though there are a number of causes leading to this formidable issue, by understanding these causes, the problem of food wastage can be managed effectively.