IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 27 - Nowadays, parents often let their children play a lot with computers and tablets in order to improve their technological skills. Do the advantages of the use of these devices from an early age outweigh the disadvantages?

Technology plays a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. Children these days have a lot of access to computers and tablets as their parents believe it can enhance their technological skills.  Though a child can learn a few things by using these devices, I believe early exposure of children to such technological devices would bring more drawbacks than merits.

To start with, extensive use of computers and tablets lead to poor social interaction in children. Children using such media on a regular basis develop screen addiction and they often display signs of withdrawal and become less social with the intention of spending time on computers. This in turn impedes the development of interpersonal skills which plays a key role in the character formation of a child and can also lead to loneliness and depression.

In addition, permission to use such devices from an early age would hinder children’s academic growth. It preoccupies their thoughts to a great extent due to which they would lack focus in their studies thereby contributing to poor academic performance. Moreover, the children having access to such devices often also develop physical health problems like poor vision and obesity due to its continuous usage and limited physical activity.

However, exposure to various applications and puzzles in such devices can help develop cognitive skills in children which can help them to manage and succeed in competitive scenarios. 

To sum up, even though computers provide a lot of benefits in our lives, allowing children to use such devices from an early age would initiate a lot of problems in their life. Thus I believe the disadvantages of permitting children to access computers and tablets are far more than the advantages.