IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 17 - Some people are of the view that communication between managers and workers is most important for the success of the organization. Others believe that there are other factors that are more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Organizational success is dependent on a number of factors. While some believe that interaction between managers and employees is salient in an organization’s success, there are a few others who attribute it to other factors. I believe the success of an organization is determined by its human resource.

Effective planning by the managers is imperative for an organization.  However strategic these plans may be, they would remain ineffective until they are efficiently implemented with the help of employees. In order to put these plans into action, the strategies to be followed should be conveyed to the workers by the managers through which the organizational goals can be achieved. Moreover, employee grievances should also be redressed by the managers without which the productivity of an organization can get affected. These are the reasons why there is an opinion among a few that communication between managers and workers is imperative for the success of an organization. 

On the other hand, there is a group of people who believe that there are other factors which are responsible for organizational success. One such factor is customer satisfaction. No company can survive in the market without meeting the wants and demands of customers. Altering the products or services of an organization based on the preferences of the customers helps to meet customer satisfaction which in turn helps an organization to survive and succeed in the competitive market. In addition, improving operational efficiency also helps in organizational excellence as it helps to maximize the outputs and deliver it to the customers in the most cost effective manner.

In my view, the foundation of a company would remain strong only if it employs quality human resources who undertake the role of intermediaries by helping the organization to transform the customer's wants into products or services. This helps the organization to steer towards success.

To conclude, there are a bunch of factors which contribute to success of an organization. Though there are varied opinions among people regarding the same, I believe the success of an organization is determined by the quality of human resource it invests on.