Task 1 (Graph) - The diagram below shows the process of making a water clock.

The given diagram illustrates the process involved in the making of a water clock using two plastic bottles, a stand, some tape and a straw.

Overall, several stages are involved in the making and functioning of a water clock which begins with the preparation of the basic structure and ends with its operation.

The process begins with the assembling of the structure required for functioning of the water clock. Initially a straw that protrudes is attached to the bottle a little below its neck using glue and also a small hole is punctured at the bottom of the bottle which is tapped on to the upper part of the stand. Another bottle with its neck cut off is placed on the stand right below the first bottle which has markings on it for measuring the time.

The prepared structure is placed below a tap which is turned on for filling water in the first bottle. During the process of filling, the hole at the bottom of the bottle is covered using a finger after which the water is allowed to overflow through the straw attached at the upper portion of the bottle. On reaching a constant level the finger is removed from the hole allowing the water to flow drop by drop into the second bottle. Each level marked on the second bottle acts a unit for measuring time in minutes. The second bottle is then emptied and the process is repeated for timing things.


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