Task 1 (Graph)

The two maps below show the changes to Melvin Island between 2000 and 2010. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The maps below show the redevelopment of Melvin Island over a decade starting from the year 2000.

Overall, though a significant area of woodland in the island was cleared, many modifications were made in the island in the given period.

To begin with, the motel situated in the northwest part of the island in 2000 was remodeled into a hotel by 2010. Similarly, the garages which were present near the motel were demolished and chalets were built in its place in 2010. The farmland on the western part of Melvin Island and the village in the southern region remained untouched throughout the period. In 2010, a seafood restaurant was constructed to replace the tearooms which were present in 2000.

The area occupied by woodland in 2000 underwent noticeable transformation by the year 2010 wherein the woodland located on the northern part of the island was converted into a golf course and that in the eastern region was cut down to half and the remaining half on the southeast was cleared to pave way for the airport. As a part of redevelopment, a swimming pool and spa were added to the island utilizing the area of farmland located in the central part of Melvin Island by 2010. Interestingly, another new addition made to the island in 2010 was a Marina in its southern part.