IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 7 - Caring for children is very important. Therefore all mothers and fathers should take a childcare training course. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Approach 1: Agree

Raising a child is a challenging task in today's society. Since child care is considered significant, it is said that it is essential for parents to take up a training course to raise their child. I agree with this statement as I believe it would help to gain knowledge about various aspects which are fundamental to bring up children.

At present, we can find a lot of families wherein both the parents choose to work in order to meet with the highly increasing living expenditure.  In this urge to make money, they provide their children with everything from highly nutritious food to the most educative toy, but fail to provide their children with the basic elements of love and care which play a crucial role in the child's life. Lack of parental love and care not only affects the child's mental health but also affects the family bonding. This is one of the significant aspects which can be focused in the childcare training courses that would help the mothers and fathers in understanding the positive impact of nurturance and love in their child's psychological growth. This in turn would help to create a better understanding between the parents and children consequently leading to effective character formation.

In addition, element of risk is high in child rearing especially during the stage of infancy.  When adequate training is provided to parents with regard to diet, hygiene and precautionary measures, it might help them to be cautious about the potential problems that can put their child's life at risk. For instance, choking is one of the major causes of death in children. This can be avoided if proper technique to tackle this issue is taught to parents through such training courses.

To conclude, children are fragile and must be handled with utmost care. I believe attending childcare training would equip them to cater to the needs of their children effectively. 

Approach 2:  Disagree

The state of being a parent is a challenging yet a joyful feeling. It is said that the parents should take up training courses on childcare as it is considered imperative in today's society. I believe it is not necessary to attend a childcare training course even though it provides insights about certain aspects. 

To begin with, childcare training courses can only provide nebulous idea about childcare. Partaking in such training can be only of a little use as the character and mindset of every child is unique. A concept which is applicable and acceptable by a child may not be acceptable by the other and forcefully implementing certain ideas learned through such training courses can have detrimental effect on a child. Since there is no universal procedure for childcare, it is something which should be developed through trial and error procedure and not by attending any training.

Furthermore, parenthood is an instinct. From the moment of childbirth a feeling of responsibility, love and care also take birth in the mind of parents and these feelings are essential to bring up a child in a healthy way. Thus attending a child-rearing training is not necessary as it only acts as a polish to this instinct and does not actually help to build this ability in the parents.

However, attending such courses would equip mothers and fathers to prepare themselves on some general aspects such as hygiene and diet which may be helpful in raising a child.
To summarize, child-rearing is a crucial period in parenthood. Although it is a laborious task, I do not believe that there is any necessity for parents to take up childcare training to raise their children.