IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 9 - Some people think that the study of history is of little use to us. Do you agree or disagree?

History has a significant role in picturising the genesis of a civilization. Though it is considered as an important area of study, there are a few who believe that it is inutile. I disagree with this statement as I believe history is the key to know about the transition undergone in a society.

Firstly, history acts as a base to measure the progress of mankind.  By studying it we get to know about the obstacles we overcame to  reach our present stand. It also acts as a reminder to avoid certain practices which proved detrimental to the survival of human race and  put forth some theories  that are foundational to a strong civilization. Renaissance is one such period in European  history wherein the superstitious beliefs were set aside and  major scientific advancements took place. It is thus known as the gateway to the modern world.

History is also essential to uplift a feeling of belongingness. One can know about the struggle undergone by our forefathers to build a nation only through the study of history. This knowledge in turn  helps to build a patriotic bond between the nation and its people . Thus, unity is created among a nation's citizens which is necessary to effectuate development in the society and this is possible only if one has knowledge about his roots.

In conclusion, history is an indispensable part of the world and its learning is a time consuming process. Even though a minority are of the view that it is of no use, in my opinion, history is a substantial area and its study cannot be disregarded.