IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 8 - Nuclear power is a necessary evil. Despite the potential human and environmental consequences of radioactive fallout, nuclear energy is a genuine alternative to non renewable energy resources like oil and coal, which are quickly running out. In short, the benefits of nuclear power far outweigh the risks of using it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Dependence on nuclear power as a source of energy has been a debatable topic over the last few years. Regardless of its  perilous nature, nuclear power has been considered as an efficient alternative to conventional energy and its benefits are far more than its drawbacks. I believe this form of energy is highly reliable despite having potential risks.

One of the significant advantages of nuclear energy is that it helps to reduce the green house gas emissions. If the electricity is generated from nuclear power, the usage of fossil fuels for energy generation reduces which in turn reduces the carbon emissions . Nuclear power  is the largest contributor to carbon- free electricity generation in the world. This is one of the clean forms of energy which is environment friendly.

Another advantage of nuclear power is that it is more efficient and reliable than other alternative sources. Unlike fossil fuels, high density of energy is produced in nuclear power plants over a short period of time which makes it possible to supply energy without interruption. In addition, since energy is produced in large quantities, the electricity is available at competitive price.

However,  the main disadvantage of nuclear energy is the management of its waste. The risk of radioactivity can be eliminated only after many number of years.

To conclude, although there are potential drawbacks, nuclear energy is advantageous in terms of energy production and I believe that  it would become one of the prominent sources of energy generation in the future.