IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 18 - Some people think that dangerous sports should be banned, while others think people should be free to choose. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Sports are a great source of entertainment not only for the participants but also the spectators. While some are relaxing, others are challenging. An opinion among a few is that there should be a ban on extreme sports, whereas others feel that choice of sports should be left to the discretion of an individual. In my opinion, an individual should be provided with the freedom to choose his sport; however, one should participate in risky sports only after undergoing some training.

Potential risk is present in every sport, but in some the danger level is extremely high and can bring the participant close to death. Such sports not only pose a risk to the athlete but also to the onlooker. It has been found that every year between 200-300 people are injured by participating in the sport of running of bulls. The presence of risk element is one of main reasons for a few to opine that dangerous sports should be banned.

The prime intention of choosing a sport is to relax. Nevertheless, there are a few who participate in risky sports because of the thrill it provides. If restrictions are imposed in participation of certain sports or if there is a ban on some, it would curtail the freedom of an individual from choosing sports based on his interest. It is because of this limitation the opponents feel that choice of sports should be based on an individual’s interest.

In my opinion, as the interest in sports varies from person to person, the freedom to participate in different sports should be left as an option to the individual. Though the freedom of selection of sports is left to a person, it is advisable to participate in extreme sports only after taking adequate training under a professional.

To conclude, sports have been a part of civilizations since ancient time. Though there are different opinions regarding the choice of sports by a person, I believe the participant should be given the liberty to choose his area of interest.