IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 38 - Global warming is one of the biggest threats to our environment. What causes global warming? What solutions are there to this problem?

Global warming is a universal concern which has gained worldwide attention. A number of causes have led to this life threatening phenomenon, the most conspicuous among it being the human activities. This problem can be controlled to a certain extent with the implementation of certain environment friendly practices.

One of the significant causes of global warming  is increased consumption of fossil fuels in industries and vehicles. Combustion of fossil fuel releases greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which increases surface temperature substantially. Since these activities cannot  come to a standstill, the possible solution to this problem is to replace the fossil fuels with non-conventional energy sources  to operate the machines and  to minimize the usage of private vehicles which can considerably reduce the  harm to the environment in terms of pollution. Electric buses, which are eco-friendly with low emission rate, have been introduced in Germany as an initiative to confront temperature change problems.

Deforestation is another major cause of global warming. Forest lands are cleared by humans for farmland, infrastructural development, wood, pulp and so on. When vegetation is  removed or burned ,a significant amount of carbon dioxide is released back into the atmosphere contributing to global warming. Cutting down the rate of deforestation can help to lower global warming to a great extent and an awareness should be created among the public  to promote afforestation.

To conclude, excessive usage of fossil fuels, land clearing and other human activities have had a significant impact on earth's surface temperature. If immediate solutions are not taken to solve this problem, it would have devastating effect on wildlife and vegetation.