IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 19 - Some people say that self employment is better than a job in a company or an institution. Discuss both modes of work and give your opinion.

Some people hold an opinion that running our own business is better than being employed in an organization. While it is the matter of individual choices and comfort, I feel the benefits of being self employed is superior to working as a staff in a company.

On one hand, being an entrepreneur offers  independence and satisfaction as we are working towards our dream which is absent in the case of a job. This is because we will have liberty to make decisions in various regards of the business which will help us as well as our business set up to grow at a good pace. In addition, the outcome of being an entrepreneur in terms of finance is not fixed and the harder we work, the more likely we are to avail huge benefits. 

On the other hand, employment in an organization is more  preferable than self employment as it guarantees a regular income. Unlike a business where the income generation is not probable, employment in a company ensures the person of a regular income irrespective of the financial position of the organization. In addition, the level of stress  of an employee is lesser than that of the entrepreneur as he is already assigned a set of duties and any matter outside the given set is beyond his concern.

Despite having a high level of stress, I am of the opinion that self-employment is a better choice  than a job in a company as it provides a greater degree of freedom and a proportionate  reward for the efforts taken.

To conclude, though there are various opinions regarding the ways to earn a livelihood, I believe entrepreneurship is more lucrative  than employment in an institution.