IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 3 - Many processed foods and readymade meals contain preservatives and chemicals. What are the advantages of this? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Growth in the field of food technology has resulted in the development of various methods which are essential for the production and preservation of food. It is found that most of the readymade meals and processed foods contain a considerable amount of preservatives and chemicals. Though this technique offers a lot of merits, I believe, the demerits outweigh the same.

Firstly, with the addition of preservatives and chemicals the shelf life of a product can be extended. Longer shelf life helps to transport the food to longer distances and the food remains fresh without deterioration and fit for consumption. This in turn helps to reduce the food wastage due to spoilage. In addition, the availability of food irrespective of the season due to the use of such preservatives makes the food more affordable.

Even though the use of such preservatives has been recognized as safe by the Food and Safety Authority, it is found that regular intake of such food has resulted in allergic reactions in people  and in some cases it has also been the major cause of chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease and so on. A recent study revealed that the behavioral changes in children were highly associated with the consumption of food which contained preservatives. Furthermore, it has been found that use of some preservatives leads to antibiotic resistance in people and affects the metabolic process adversely.

To conclude, use of preservatives and chemicals is inevitable in today's world. However, I believe the disadvantages associated with its usage outweigh the advantages.