IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 39 - The world natural resources are being consumed at an increased rate. What are the dangers of this situation? What should we do?

Natural resources are essential for the survival of all living creatures. Any increase or decrease in its proportion will be detrimental to the ecosystem. Due to over population and greed, a rapid depletion can be observed in the amount of natural resources causing an imbalance in the ecosystem which is a concern to be addressed with immediate actions.

One of the dangers associated with over consumption of natural resources is the imbalance in the ecosystem which adversely affects the flora and fauna creating disturbances in the ecosystem ultimately affecting the food chain. For example increased deforestation rate has led to the destruction of habitat of many animals eventually leading to their extinction.

Another hazardous effect of increased use of natural resources is the dramatic change in climatic conditions. Climatic conditions will remain favourable only if there is stability in the ecosystem. In the present scenario, there is an increased extraction of fossil fuels to meet the never ending demand of human beings. When large quantities of greenhouse gases are emitted into the environment due to the increased consumption of such fuels, it can detrimentally affect the earth’s climate.

Immediate solutions need to be taken for this alarming issue. The most effective remedy to this issue is the consideration of alternative resources which are renewable in nature. This helps to reduce the uncontrollable use of non-renewable resources. For example, people should be encouraged to use solar and wind energy to produce heat and light. Apart from this, government should implement stricter environmental policies to regulate and control the use of natural resources.

To conclude, it is essential to use natural resources religiously only considering the need rather than the greed, if not, the world may come to a standstill.