IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 30 - Some people believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Learning a foreign language has become a part of most of the school curriculum across the world. Some people opine that it is highly desirable for students to start studying a foreign language when they are in their primary stage rather than secondary stage. Although there are minor disadvantages, I feel it is better to start acquiring the knowledge about a foreign language at the beginning of schooling.

The most important benefit associated with learning a foreign language at a primary level is that candidates at this age have plenty of time. Language learning is a time consuming process. During the initial years of schooling, pupils are less loaded with their study tasks compared to the ones at higher classes, whose time and concentration must be utilized to learn other disciplines as well. For instance, introduction of a second language in the younger stage of schooling is found to be convenient for both students and teachers.

Another advantage which children would gain when a foreign language is taught from the primary level is that they would develop a strong foundation in the language. Only the children with firm base in a new language can master it. When students start learning at the primary stage, as their linguistic skills are higher compared to their secondary counterparts, they can better construct their base in the language which would enable them to use the language with ease and confidence  in their later lives.

However, sometimes it is noticed that children learn the language incorrectly if they are not trained by an expert as they are very young to analyse the mistakes.

In conclusion, learning a foreign language is ultimately beneficial to children in many ways.  Although people have different opinions with regard to the right age to initiate language learning, I am of the opinion that children must commence learning a foreign language at younger stage owing to its benefits.