IELTS Task 2 Sample Answer 12 - Because computers can translate all languages very quickly and accurately, learning a foreign language is a waste of time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Technology has influenced almost every area of life. One such advancement is the deployment of technology to translate a language. It is felt that as computers can convert any language easily and perfectly, studying a foreign language is a vain attempt. Although computers make life easy, I feel it is not a wasted effort to explore a foreign language

The main reason for me to disagree with the thought that learning an international language is of less use is due to the role it plays in active communication. Language is an ornament of thoughts, and so it has an important role in passing a message. While computers can achieve task quickly and perfectly, they may only aim to translate a word in literal meaning and thus may interfere with the complete understanding of a message.

Another reason for me to feel that foreign language learning is necessary is because of the richness it upholds. By learning a language, we also learn the culture associated with it, which can help us to enrich ourselves. Moreover, one can develop his social interaction only by mastering the language. In active communication, it is also necessary to understand the culture of a particular community for the comprehensive understanding.

However, in this fast paced era, mastering a new language can be a time consuming process and thus remains a concern.  Thus computers can become an easy alternative for many owing to the necessity.

In conclusion, although computers can perform efficient translation, the benefits and the objective of learning a foreign language can never be disregarded. Moreover the confidence and aesthetics in delivering a message by studying the language cannot be replaced by computers.